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Modern Physics 2/e
저 자 : Harris 저
ISBN : 9781292023267 판 형 :
출판년 : 2013 페이지 : 640 pp
출판사 : Pearson
가 격 : 65000

Table of Contents

1.Dawn of a New Age
2.Special Relativity
3.Waves and Particles I: Electromagnetic Radiation Behaving as Particles
4.Waves and Particles II: Matter Behaving as Waves
5.Bound States: Simple Cases
6.Unbound States: Obstacles, Tunneling and Particle-Wave Propagation
7.Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimensions and The Hydrogen Atom
8.Spin and Atomic Physics
9.Statistical Mechanics
10.Bonding: Molecules and Solids
11.Nuclear Physics
12.Fundamental Particles and Interactions

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