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First Course in String Theory 2/e
저 자 : Zwiebach 저
ISBN : 0521880329 판 형 :
출판년 : 2009 페이지 :
출판사 : Cambridge
가 격 : 73000

String theory made understandable. Barton Zwiebach is once again faithful to his goal of making string theory accessible to undergraduates. He presents the main concepts of string theory in a concrete and physical way to develop intuition before formalism, often through simplified and illustrative examples. Complete and thorough in its coverage, this new edition now includes AdS/CFT correspondence and introduces superstrings. It is perfectly suited to introductory courses in string theory for students with a background in mathematics and physics. New sections cover strings on orbifolds, cosmic strings, moduli stabilization, and the string theory landscape. Now with almost 300 problems and exercises, with password-protected solutions for instructors at www.cambridge.org/zwiebach.

? Includes completely new chapters on AdS/CFT correspondence and strong interactions, and an introduction to superstrings ? A detailed and self-contained explanation of string theory at a level that is truly understandable to undergraduates ? Presents the main concepts of string theory in a concrete and physical way, with over 100 worked examples and over 180 homework problems (with solutions for instructors)

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