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Magnetic Materials
저 자 : Spaldin 저
ISBN : 0521016584 판 형 :
출판년 : 2003 페이지 : 224 pages
출판사 : Cambridge
가 격 : 44000

This book covers the fundamentals of magnetism and the basic theories and applications of conventional magnetic materials. In addition there is extensive discussion of novel magnetic phenomena and their modern device applications. The book starts with a review of elementary magnetostatics and magnetic materials, followed by a discussion of the atomic origins of magnetism. The properties and applications of ferro-, ferri, para-, dia- and antiferro-magnets are surveyed, and the basic theories that describe them are outlined. The final part of the book focuses on novel magnetic phenomena, and on magnetic materials in modern technological applications. Based on a course given by the author in the Materials Department at UC Santa Barbara, the book is targeted at graduate and advanced undergraduate students as well as researchers new to the field. Highly illustrated, containing numerous homework problems and worked solutions, this book is ideal for a one semester course in magnetic materials.

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