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advanced Solid State Physics 2/e
저 자 : Phillips 저
ISBN : 0521194907 판 형 : 253 x 194 x 24 mm
출판년 : 2012 페이지 : 413 pages
출판사 : Cambridge
가 격 : 70000

Providing an up-to-date and lucid presentation of phenomena across modern advanced-level solid state physics, this new edition builds on an elementary understanding to introduce students to the key research topics with the minimum of mathematics. It covers cutting-edge topics, including electron transport and magnetism in solids. It is the first book to explain topological insulators and strongly correlated electrons. Explaining solid state physics in a clear and detailed way, it also has over 50 exercises for students to test their knowledge. In addition to the extensive discussion of magnetic impurity problems, bosonization, quantum phase transitions, and disordered systems from the first edition, the new edition includes such topics as topological insulators, high-temperature superconductivity and Mott insulators, renormalization group for Fermi liquids, spontaneous symmetry breaking, zero and finite-temperature Green functions, and the Kubo formalism. Figures from the book and solutions to student exercises are available online at www.cambridge.org/solidstate.

? Fully updated and extended, this is a clear and accessible treatment of the key topics in solid state physics ? First book to explain topological insulators and strongly correlated electrons ? Contains over 50 exercises, with solutions provided online, to help students understand the concepts that are discussed

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